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More Affordable

Development licenses from $299 to $1199, and runtime licenses only $189

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Loads of Features

All of the features of you'd expect in an HMI / SCADA software package, without the huge price tag!

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DAQFactory FeaturesDAQFactory provides the tools you need to create your HMI / SCADA application with ease.

Easily Acquire Data

Acquire from Modbus devices, OPC, LabJack and more. Channels make for easy setup.

Custom Screens

45 screen components and a 3600 symbol library, allow you to create the exact interface you want.

Graphing / Trending

Trend tags, calculations, anything. XY, 3D, waterfall and more...

Data Logging

Log to CSV, databases and others. Log to multiple locations



Powerful scripting engine gives you the ultimate in flexibility.Make DAQFactory do what you want.

PID Control

Close loop control without the hardware. Built in or build your own.


Know when things go ary. And not just high or low.


Get notified. Share your data.

Unlimited Custom Screens Unlimited I/O Graphing / Trending Scripting / Automation PID Loops Networking Symbol Library Database Alarming
Unlimited Custom Screens 64 I/O Graphing / Trending Scripting / Automation PID Loops        
Unlimited Custom Screens 32 I/O Graphing / Trending Scripting / Automation          
2 Custom Screens 8 I/O Graphing / Trending Scripting / Automation          

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