Privacy Policy

AzeoTech respects the privacy of your information, and provides the following description of our information practices as a show of our commitment to protect your privacy.

We do not sell, rent, or in any other way share your personally-identifying information. We use your email address and other private information for internal purposes only; provided, however, that AzeoTech expressly reserves the right to include your personal and/or company name, including logos, tradenames, and trade or service marks, in a list of current users of the software. If you do not wish to be listed as a current customer or your company policy does not allow this, please contact us and we will remove you from the list of current customers.

No DAQfactory documents sent to AzeoTech for support purposes will ever be shared in full to any third party, without your prior permission. A general description of your application, including the use of DAQfactory for a particular solution demonstrated by a document, as well as screen shots with customer specific information removed, may be shared to illustrate how our software is used. In that event, we will not include any identifying information about you or your company, unless specifically requested by you. If you do not wish your document or screen shots of your document to be shared as described, please contact us. General, non-application specific solutions to common problems (such as a particular way to create a menu) may also be shared with the general public.

AzeoTech additionally reserves the right to publish positive customer comments transmitted to us by you via email or telephone call.