Remote Monitoring and Control software

Use DAQFactory's powerful serial / Ethernet tools to easily connect to remote devices, even over multiple links. Use multiple protocols on a single port to control radio modems, cell modems and the remote device at once.

Connect multiple DAQFactory installations across a LAN, the Internet, or over modem for real time monitoring and control along with local acquisition, logging, display and control.

See the status of your remote sites and correct any problems without having to go into the field.

DAQFactory's split communications / protocol setup and multiple networking features make it perfect for remote monitoring and control systems. For those using radios, cell modems and other hardware to access remote sites, DAQFactory serial and Ethernet setup makes this easy. DAQFactory separates the transport layer from the protocol, allowing you to easily put multiple protocols on a single port. So, you can use the protocol for driving your radio to connect to your remote site and then seamlessly switch to Modbus or some other protocol to communicate with the device at the remote site. We even heard a customer who used a cell modem to connect to a radio that connecting to a field device, all done easily with DAQFactory.

If, instead, you want to put DAQFactory at each remote site for local display and control, you can set it up to communicate with a central site very easily. Under any sort of Ethernet connection you can connect multiple DAQFactory installations to a central DAQFactory or to each other allowing real time data sharing between sites and the central location. Each location can have its own display screens, and intercomparisons between sites is easy.

Or, if an Internet connection is available, you can use DAQFactory's email and FTP features to send and receive data streams and messages through these standard mechanisms. DAQFactory supports both SMTP and POP3 for incoming and outgoing email, and both uploading and downloading via FTP to a remote server.

If the Internet isn't available, you could also use DAQFactory's auto-dialer features and a voice modem to call you on your phone and announce using the text to speech engine the current values. You can then control your system using the phone keypad or by voice. This is often used for alarm notifications, but can just as easily be used to allow you to call in to the system using a cell phone and retrieve the current status.

Several of our white papers show DAQFactory being used in remote monitoring applications:

Wireless telemetry for oil field pumps, tank batteries and pipelines

Public alert system SCADA