Quality Control software

Acquire data and display it on screen for constant review. Use trending with threshold lines to indicate out of range values so operators can avoid them.

Alarm and notify with on screen displays, email, pager, or voice dailing when values get out of range so the problem can quickly be resolved.

Use the powerful scripting to have DAQFactory automatically correct situations before they go wrong.

Continuously log data, or subsets of your data to multiple locations for archival purposes.

DAQFactory's easy to use acquisition and logging capabilities along with its low price make it the ideal tool for quality control applications where simply collecting process data and logging it is all that is needed. Nowadays, hard disk storage is very cheap, and it pays to collect as much data as possible about your manufacturing process. Ideally you would use DAQFactory to analyze this data and generate alerts if values go out of range, basically an in-situ Test and Measurement setup, but sometimes you may not know that a particular value is out of range until the product goes to the consumer and problems occur. If a group of consumers report a problem, you can look at the date and time their products were manufactured and the raw data logged with DAQFactory to determine which value caused the problem. Perhaps 200 degrees was slightly too hot for the material's longevity. This would become apparent from the logged data and reported problems and you could then generate a recall only on the products created when the temperature was too high.

An example of this is a large pizza company that uses it to monitor their dough making process. The various data points are simply logged to disk, hopefully never to be used again. However, if a problem occurs with a batch of dough, for example it doesn't rise correctly when baked, the company can look at the values logged for that batch and recall only the batches with similar problem values, instead of wasting product by recalling all dough.