Custom DAQFactory

Does DAQFactory have everything you need except for this one feature, and you need it now? We can add the feature you need to ensure DAQFactory helps you achieve all your goals. Features are always added to the core DAQFactory, so you can continue to use standard DAQFactory. Since others are likely to benefit from the new feature, and DAQFactory's power is increased, we usually discount the cost of custom features requests based on how widely used the new feature will be. This means that most all custom feature development is quite affordable.

Some of the features currently in DAQFactory that were originally custom requests include:

  • Printing directly to a PDF document without Acrobat installed
  • The Canvas component
  • The alarm status variables
  • Network encryption
  • Custom drivers for a variety of devices
  • Image support
  • Hardware key licensing
  • 3D waterfall graph
  • Autodialer
  • Modbus slave
  • Hide cursors option
  • Browser control to support video playback

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