Application Development

DAQFactory is easy to use, but sometimes you just want the project done. AzeoTech can provide complete, custom applications in DAQFactory. And since its in DAQFactory we can create your application rapidly and affordably. Plus you'll have an application that, if you choose to, you can modify and enhance yourself, so you are not stuck calling us every time you want to change an image or make another tweak. Big or small, we do it all, so contact us even if you just need a simple data logger with some trending and just don't have time to do it yourself.

Some of the applications we've done over the years include:

  • A custom center console application for a high end supercar
  • An application to retrieve, log and present water level and flow data from remote sites in an irrigation district
  • An inspection and testing station for oil and gas components, installed in multiple locations with a central database and web access to reporting
  • A custom centralized toxic gas monitoring system for a system integrator with full advanced alarming, notification, logging, and automated reporting
  • A test stand for testing throttles for electric vehicles
  • An HMI with logging, along with PLC level programming of process control for a food drying facility
  • An interface for operating large powdered metal presses
  • An advanced, centralized, database driven interface for plastic pellet blenders, including recipe tracking, operator and data logging. Allowed for the operation of over 100 blenders simultaneously each with 100's of tags
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