Here are just a few of the comments we've received about AzeoTech and DAQFactory:

  • We use DAQFactory extensively to deliver HMIs for many of our Advanced Process Control solutions and process simulators. It's ease of use, extensive feature set and ability to edit online make it an ideal product for our requirements. The combination of these great features and Azeotech's excellent support makes DAQFactory our default choice for HMI delivery. Keep up the good work!
    John Mack, Principal Engineer, Perceptive Engineering Ltd
  • My coating program is running without any problem for more the 3 years. The people at University are amazing about the stability so good job at your place thanks.
    Johan Holstein, Research Engineer at the University of Groningen
  • We have not had a problem we can't solve with DAQFactory
    Chuck Ellison, President, Fluid Resource Management
  • With 31 years of experience in control & Instrumentation, DaqFactory is a Nice surprise. At present time - a LSS (Life Support System) HMI is being programmed with Dragger system for power station - Hazardeous Gas detection. We hope to have DaqFactory as our standard HMI for these applications.
    Raanan Shabtai, Instrumentation & Control Dept Manager, Bateman-Litwin ltd
  • ... haven't really had to touch anything in the last 12 months - very stable compared with a whole bunch if other IT based apps and systems we have.
    John Hankey, Kettle Produce Ltd
  • I'm on site at present and everybody very impressed with controls and monitoring to date - I'm becoming a real fan of DAQfactory !
    Andrew Marchant, CEng-Directory, Hennock Consulting
  • Thanks again for all your help. We are big DF fans, so have been spreading the word.
    Barry Lefer, Assistant Professor, Department of Geosciences, University of Houston
  • Thanx again, for a great product. First cheap SCADA that I heard of and it works.
    Hunter Strauss, Advanced Monitoring Solutions
  • I was tasked to find a possible candidate to meet the needs of our design under an extremely tight deadline. After initial review your product became a possible solution, and I needed to provide a demo to the design group, with our communication structure being used.

    I cannot tell you how HELPFUL Matt was when he fielded my support call. He not only helped me with the learning curve and provided me with the functionality I was looking for, but also provide a quick but insightful tour of your product.

    After our conversation, I had all my questions and technical unknowns answered and I am not even a customer .....yet. Aside from your product appearing to meet our needs, your support ( Matt ) was beyond what I could have hoped for.
    Ken O'Rielly, Control Systems Designer, Powerbase Energy Systems Inc
  • You sure know how to make someone's Monday morning! You seriously blow away any support or for that matter support you could even dream of.
    Ken O'Rielly (again)
  • I am often asked how I operate this telemetry system and I always point out that it would not be feasible without DAQFactory. There are several SCADA type software out there that I looked at and DAQFactory has fit the bill and is very cot effective compared to other extremely expensive products. This has certainly proven more so with the excellent after sale service you provide.
    Scott Orr, High Plains Water District
  • DAQFactory is a great FULLY CUSTOMIZABLE data acquisition suite ready to suit your needs!
    Brandon Holderby, Strata-Graphic
  • ....a killer piece of software !!
    Steve Bulbick, Hamworthy Combustion
  • Thanks for your support on this product! The power is amazing!
    - G. Cragg, Sr. Project Engineer
  • DAQFactory has proven a versatile workhorse...
    - Chris Boeckman, Hydrogen Power, Inc.
  • I was playing around with DAQFactory today and it's much easier to use than LabView. Great piece of software. Thank you again.
    - Glenn Wellington, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
  • I'm writing to say I was very impressed with Matt (neglected to get his last name) in your support dept. He was very patient, polite and most important..knowledgable about the software. It was great to get to talk to the one who wrote the program and within a couple rings! I'm used to sitting through terminal phone trees (at other companies) and being transferred to many different people to find one that knows the answer to my questions. He called me back when he said he was going to and stuck with me until I had the hang of it. Give him a pat on the back...

    If the consensus of my colleagues and others I've talked to is the same for others in this business, you and your company will be a success. It is refreshing to get an actual person on the line in this day of answering machines and to have the attitude of service start with the President!
    - Dana Overacker, University of Utah
  • I wanted to tell you how much I've really appreciate all the wonderful support over these months. You have really allowed us to get a lot of value from the program in a short period of time. I can not say enough about how terrific I think this application is, and I've only touched a very tiny piece of it's potential. Trust me that I've had my hands in a LOT of applications over the years and this is top notch. I wish you much continued success and if I come across any opportunity to put this app in anyone's face I will!
    - Doreen Weekly, The Buccaneer
  • DAQFactory is really great - it's easy to get going with. I implemented a LabJack with DAQFactory Express for EEG registration for 2 colleagues within an hour of receiving the LabJack with DAQFactory Express. They are thrilled...

    In 25 years of research and writing "in house" programs for data collection I have never been so pleasantly surprised about a package like that as I was when I first tried out DAQFactory Express. Nothing even comes close.
    - Avi Ring, Norwegian Defence Research
  • Just wanted to thank you guys for helping me out this morning. I appreciate your quick response.
    - Nick Iorio, BAE Systems
  • I just wanted to let you know that we have been very pleased with the AzeoTech software and the modules we ordered. They have allowed me to record pressure, gas flows,and temperatures with a 25 year old tool that did not come with a computer interface. Thank you for all of your thorough and prompt customer support.
    Rex Anderson, FLXMicro
  • You've set a new standard in customer service.
    Doug Wolf, University of Dayton Research Institute
  • Thanks to Azeotech, our well logging operation has improved dramatically. DAQFactory is a great product and I would recommend it to anyone who is thinking about data acquisition.
    Mike Cunningham, President, Camco Logging Service
  • Thanks for providing DAQFactory for our data acquisition needs! I am still surprised by the number of features and quality of the software for the price. An incredible bang-for-buck! And the service is absolutely awesome!
    Professor Victor G. J. Rodgers, University of Iowa
  • AzeoTech has been extremely helpful in solving a high speed serial communications link using DAQFactory and a non standard interface card. The expertise and determination which they displayed during teething problems, encountered when linking a high speed serial device to a PC., can only be commended.
    E.W. Janes, Alignment Surveys Ltd.
  • Thanks guys for the help, your support is always top-class.
    Phil Bond, Broach Technical Services
  • Just to say that we are very happy with the DAQFactory data acquisition and logging technology. we are using Modbus/TCP with Acromag 9000 series modules ,capturing line speeds, temperature, flows, tank levels with some Moxa wireless modules in the infrastructure.
    Chris Graley, Technical Systems Manager, Chapelthorpe plc
  • Let me reiterate that we love this product. (Almost) every time we want to stretch it to do something new we find that you have already been there and covered it.
    Doug Chappel, Lucas Technologies
  • I use DAQFactory now on 3 embedded processors that control and acquire data from complex air pollution research instruments. These instruments are flown on a research aircraft in a variety of harsh environments from the ozone layer at 21 km to near the surface of the Mojave Desert. With the cost and importance of these missions, we can't afford losing any data through acquisition or control problems. Azeotech's DAQFactory has proven robust, accurate, and easy to use. And Azeotech was willing to write custom drivers for the unusual and custom boards we have in our instruments.

    The flexibility of making on-the-fly (literally!) changes to the acquisition and display has been extremely valuable. We are able to broadcast data from multiple instruments over the aircraft's TCP/IP network, then choose and plot the desired parameters on the screens of multiple workstations. And we have downloaded the data through satellite link to ground stations. I can't imagine the programming months it would have taken to do all this in Labview or with custom C++ code. With DAQFactory, install it, work through the examples, and within an hour you can be effectively acquiring data. Bravo!
    - Chuck Brock, Research Associate, CIRES / University of Colorado
  • Thanks a lot for your awesome support!
    Maurice Hidajat, Leiderdorp Instruments
  • We bought the Labjack/DAQFactory combination to provide a computer interface for a new instrument. We assigned this task to an undergraduate student and within 5 hours of beginning to read the manuals he was recording data. This is painless and affordable data acquisition.
    - Greg Huey, Associate Professor, Georgia Institute of Technology
  • Thank for your fantastic support !
    Stephane Cnockaert
  • Stevens Water Monitoring Systems has successfully employed DAQFactory in applications acquiring remote data over wireless links. The system can address remote sites and obtain data readings, all through the serial port interface on the computer running DAQFactory. The versatile PAGE setup and display capability allows us to tailor data presentation to meet the customers needs, and the math functions allow us to process the raw data into meaningful information.
    -Roger Reynolds, Engineering Manager, Stevens Water Monitoring Systems
  • Many thanks for the rapidity and clearness of your answer, now it's all ok. Congratulations for the excellent performance and stability of DAQFactory software.
    - Roberto Pozzi, Elcosys
  • Every time I have contacted AzeoTech, the response has been fast, the responder has been knowledgeable and helpful. You have a good team.
    - Paul Couvillion, Jim Ray Company
  • We've been working with DAQFactory for several years now and have been impressed with its capabilities. Our lab does atmospheric chemical research using custom-built instrumentation installed at remote ground sites and aboard aircraft. Before DAQlab, we had evaluated several different software solutions for instrument data logging, automation, and control. None could compete with the simplicity, flexibility, and reliability that DAQlab offers. We have used it to interface with custom and commercial computer data acquisition boards, over networks, and via modem. Instead of learning how to program software, with DAQFactory installed we spend our time doing research.
    - Anonymous research scientist at a large government lab. The lab is not allowed to officially endorse any product, so we could only publish it anonymously.