Test & Measurement software

Acquire data from multiple sources at varying data rates. Acquire high speed streaming data from high speed devices without a problem.

Easily convert and process your data in engineering units. Advanced analysis and data manipulation makes real-time results attainable.

Use the powerful scripting engine to create test scripts, controlling outputs while constantly recording inputs. Combine with automated analysis routines for a complete end-to-end test suite.

Log data in batches for each test, or log continuously. Create separate logs for subsets of your data, or log to multiple places at the same time. Conditionally log based on input values to only record important data.

Make changes on the fly: no need to stop your test or measurements every time you want to add a new screen element or make a tweak to script.

Test and measurement involves repetitively taking sets of data and analyzing that data against preset criteria. Results and raw data is logged, and on screen display is used to help the operator with the test procedure. DAQFactory can easily achieve all of this. Collecting data is simply a matter of creating channels and telling the channel how often you wish to poll for a reading. Even high speed streaming data is no problem with the proper hardware. Test runs can be scripted easily with DAQFactory's powerful scripting language. Unlike other tools that use cumbersome and non-standard graphical programming, DAQFactory uses structured text, making it easy to learn. Anyone with normal programming experience in another language like VB, JavaScript, PhP, or C++ can easily and quickly learn the DAQFactory syntax.

The scripting language is powerful enough to do both the batch control of the test and the analysis of the data. Results of the test can be displayed on user definable screens using any of the 40+ screen components created with simple drag and drop and properties windows. For longer running tests, DAQFactory's on-the-fly editing capability means you can add an additional input, graph or other display element without having to stop and restart your test. Of course all the data can be logged to the standard CSV file format, other ASCII delimited formats, ODBC databases, or create your own. For added fun, have DAQFactory email you the results of the tests once a day!

One example of DAQFactory being used in for test and measurement is to test the foot throttle assemblies on electric golf carts. The DAQFactory application drives a stepper through the full range of the throttle and back, all the while reading the resistance across the potentiometer in the throttle. The results are plotted on screen along with threshold values, then the system automatically compares the results to the preset thresholds, displaying the result for each. It then changes the screen background to red or green depending on the overall pass/fail result. Of course all the data and results are logged. The whole test is run in about 3 seconds, taking and analyzing over 8000 data points.