Supervisory Control (SCADA) software

Acquire data from multiple sources, local and remote. Connect directly to PLCs through serial or Ethernet, or connect to DAQFactory HMI installations using DAQFactory networking. Bring all your data into one place.

View and analyze data on screen in real time. View multiple sites on a single screen for intercomparison and zoom in for site detail. Use the powerful trending, XY and 3D graphing for visual analysis. Utilize the advanced mathematical analysis and data manipulation tools to view results in real-time.

Perform batch control, adjust setpoints on any location. Perform manual adjustments or create automated supervisory control scripts.

Utilize the flexible logging. Create daily logs, log multiple data subsets, log to a database or local file. Email, or FTP daily log files.

Perform alarming with multiple notification options: screen flash, color change or other on screen indication, local horn or signal light, email, pager, or voice phone notification with acknowledgement.

Make changes on the fly: no need to stop and recompile every time you want to add a new screen element or make a tweak to script.

Unlike factory automation where the PC controls the machinery directory, supervisory control systems are used for overall monitoring and batch control of factory automation devices. This allows you monitor processes, change setpoints, perform logging and data analysis, and do alarming, all from your office PC or a separate plant floor PC. If you are using PLCs for factory automation, DAQFactory can connect to them over serial or Ethernet using one of several available protocols or through an OPC server and retrieve data and adjust set points. If you are using DAQFactory systems for your factory automation, or as HMIs on the plant floor, your office PC can connect to them using DAQFactory networking, allowing display and control of data in real time. Data arriving through DAQFactory networking appear in the DAQFactory system as regular data, so you can use all the tools you would use to create factory automation and/or HMI systems in your supervisory system.

One example of a supervisory system is at a resort in the Caribbean. The resort uses DAQFactory to monitor all the water systems, from fresh water and hot water for the resort guests to irrigation systems for the golf course. All the data is sent to a central monitoring room and displayed on giant 30" monitors. Built in alarming alerts staff when the hot water system fails in the middle of the night, allowing them to fix the problem before any guests notice. DAQFactory has also alerted them to water leaks that they didn't even know they had, saving valuable fresh water and of course money.