DAQFactory can only be download to Windows based computers. Please visit our site from your desktop computer to get DAQFactory.

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To download DAQFactory or to upgrade an existing copy of DAQFactory, click on the download link to the left. There is no upgrade fee.

The 25 day DAQFactory trial is fully functioning with only two exceptions: only the first image of each category in the library is available, and your documents will not work in the runtime version. The trial is DAQFactory-Pro which enables you to try all the features.

If you have purchased a DAQFactory license, we will provide you with an unlock key to convert the trial into a fully licensed copy with the appropriate features enabled.

If you are upgrading a licensed copy of DAQFactory you should simply install this download over top of the existing installation. There is no need to uninstall first, nor is there a need to re-unlock the software. You will not lose your license.

This download contains all the DAQFactory files and device drivers available in a single download. DAQFactory Runtime is part of the DAQFactory executable.

If you are looking for DAQFactory Express, be sure and download DAQFactory 19.1. DAQFactory 20.1+ does not include Express.