Meerkat Alert Systems and DAQFactory


  • Public alert system: 30 remote sirens, remote monitoring
  • SCADA with map and automation
  • Alarm notifications, data logging, display

Meerkat Alert Systems Ltd specialises in design and manufacture of custom made public alerting systems to protect the public from any imminent man made or natural emergency.

A recent project involved the installation of 30 remote siren sites in coastal areas of the Waitakere region in the North Island of New Zealand. Due to the mission critical nature of the project, one specification was that sirens have 2 way communications with the Civil Defence base station so that the Civil Defence officers can monitor the system therefore ensuring it is always ready for instant activation.

Data from the remote siren stations is conveyed using telemetry data radio through a series of repeaters. All data is routed to the Civil Defence base station where it is processed and displayed for interpretation on a SCADA PC.

DAQFactory was selected as the SCADA software package. The standard features of DAQFactory were used where possible and simplified design. Where customised functions were required the sequences and user configurable symbol library were effective and easy to use.

The system has the following functionality:

  • Alarming with remote notification via: SMS, e-mail and audible alerts
  • Remote activation via: DTMF, SMS
  • Data logging of: activation events, alarms events and polling events
  • Graphical overview of the system providing fast interpretation and rectification of faults
  • Secure authorisation
  • Simple yet secure siren activation procedures

As a result, the Waitakere region is now well protected with robust and reliable hardware and software that will be ready to operate when needed.

-Wernher Roding, Meerkat Alert Systems Ltd