Computerized Automation and Control Technology Program and DAQFactory


  • DAQFactory used to teach data acquisition and control fundamentals
  • Used in multiple student stations
  • Each station has various sensors to connect up in different ways

A CACT DAQ station in use

Another DAQ station

The Computerized Automation and Control Technology program at a college in Canada needed an affordable DAQ software suite that would provide the versatility and functionality needed in teaching the fundamentals of Data Acquisition to their students.

DAQFactory had several strong points that made it stand out from the competitors. In particular, says Ralph Franks, of the CACT program, "We like the fact that DAQFactory had a more Process Control HMI feel about it - in that it tends to allow you to continuously monitor the systems and choose the data you want."

DAQFactory is implemented throughout the CACT Lab; each DAQ station consists of DAQFactory software, a desktop computer, DAQ hardware, a process system (temperature, level, flow, pressure, etc.) that contain various industrial grade sensors, transmitters, control valves and such, as well as a PID controller. In practice, students connect the separate pieces of instrumentation equipment into a system and use the controller to control it to set point. DAQFactory is used to record measured variables, controller output and set point signals. Using results from DAQFactory, systems are analyzed and tuned for optimum control.

DAQFactory is used to gather data on the various system elements and in turn helps students understand the dynamic operation of individual components of the various systems. DAQFactory, with its broad range of features, has served as an excellent base for students to learn the necessities of configuring and implementing data acquisition software.