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DAQFactory 17.1 Build 2309
This release is slightly older, but does not trigger Windows Smart Screen.
Please note that any documents saved in 17.1 will not open in prior releases of DAQFactory.

DAQFactory 18.1
This is the latest release of DAQFactory, however, due to our code signing certificate renewal, Windows Smart Screen may appear during install until enough people install it to establish a new reputation (despite DAQFactory being available for 18+ years).

Please note that any documents saved in 18.1 will not open in prior releases of DAQFactory.

NOTE: For those upgrading from Release 5: due to the change in the way graphs, panels and symbols are drawn, there is a chance that the ordering of your screen components may be off, especially in grouped components. Be sure to check all your visuals when you upgrade.

DAQFactory trials are limited to 25 days. The trials are fully functioning with only two exceptions: only the first image of each category in the library is available, and your documents will not work in the runtime version. The trial is DAQFactory-Pro which enables you to try all the features. If you have purchased a DAQFactory license, we will provide you with an unlock key to convert the trial into a fully licensed copy with the appropriate features enabled.

This download also includes DAQFactory Express which you can use for free even after the 25 day trial expires.

If you are upgrading to a new release of DAQFactory you should simply install this download over top of the existing installation. There is no need to uninstall first.

This contains all the DAQFactory files and device drivers available in a single download.

Prior Releases:

DAQFactory 17.1 Build 2309

DAQFactory 16.3 Build 2298

DAQFactory 16.2

DAQFactory 16.1

DAQFactory 5.91

DAQFactory 5.87c